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Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of our top priorities; that is why our privacy practices are handled by outside organizations such as TRUSTe to ensure that they will be of high-standards. The importance of the privacy policy is that it explains why we collect information about you and what may happen to this information; that is why we have a prepared detailed privacy policy that you should know well to figure out more information about our company. Of course, our privacy policy is just applied to our website so you may need to check the privacy policies of the other websites linked to our website because every website has its own privacy policy.  Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Our privacy policy will explain to you the following points. 
• What kind of information we collect.
• How we may use this collected information.
• How we may share this collected information.
• How our company protects your information.
• The choices you have regarding your personal information.

• Information We Collect:
You may ask why we collect your personal information. We collect it because it is what tells us about your needs so we can customize our service to make your experience with us smoother and more efficient and meet these specific needs of yours. 

Information You Give Us:
We use any kind of information you enter on our website while browsing and ordering. We collect information from the moment you create an account, the questions you ask our customer services department, the reviews you may write about your experience with us, when you place your order, and your use of any of our services. 

The kind of personal information we collect includes:
• your name.
• Your mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. 
• The number of your credit card and your payment information.
• Your lifestyle which includes things like your personal interests, product preferences and range of prices. 
• Information about other people. Let’s say you will send someone a gift, we collect information like the name and the address of the recipient of the gift.

Information from Other Sources:

We also collect personal information about our customers from other sources like third parties and other websites. This helps us in expansion and analysis of our data and increasing the growth rate of our business by identifying new customers. 

Automatic Information:
In order to create an exceptional, personalized, customized shopping experience for our customers on our website, we collect data using cookies and other forms of automated means. Cookies save data on your computer; we collect this data. The information we collect includes things like your IP address, referring URLs, your device characteristics, your browser features and your browsing and interaction records on our website. This helps us to identify your needs which help us to make your shopping experience with us specific for you.

Your behavior on our website gives us certain information that we automatically track. This information helps us in the internal research we make using our customers’ locations, interests and behavior which enables us to understand our customers well in order to provide exceptional services for all our community. The information we collect include the URL from which you reached our website whether this URL is on our website or not, the URL to which you will go after that also whether it is on our website or not, the browser you use and your IP address. 

Regarding cookies, here are some points to help your understand the role of using cookies.
• They help us to make your experience with us more customized.
• Some of our features are only available through the usage of cookies.
• Using cookies will make your enter your password less often while browsing our website.
• Cookies help us in determining your interests and needs which will help us in providing information to you that matches these interests and needs.
• The cookies we use are “session cookies” so they will be deleted from your hard drive automatically when you end the browsing session.

Some browsers allow their users to decline the cookies of some websites.
If you declined the usage of cookies, you will not be able to use certain features on our website and you may have to enter your password more often during your browsing session.

Please note that we do not have any control on the cookies used by third parties. Some cookies are placed on some pages of our website by third parties. For example, a cookie may be placed within a web page created by a vendor on our website that we have no control over it.

When we combine the information that we collect about you with the usage of cookies, they help us in the process of tailoring our advertisements and our offers to be targeted for your interests and needs. 

We also may give permission to web analytics providers to gather information about our customers and visitors on our website in order to enable us to understand our customers well and increase our interactions with them. Web analytics providers use automated tools like cookies and web beacons.
Web beacons can be any simple item on the webpage such as an electronic image. They assist in the process of delivery of cookies and they are essential in determining if a certain page on our website has been viewed or not and if it has been viewed, it helps us to know how many times the page has been viewed.
Sometimes we share personal information with web analytics providers too. 

Public Forums:
Our website offers to our customers a wide base of accessible social networks, bogs and community forums to provide them with ways to communicate, write their opinions and know more about us. On the other hand, we collect, read and use any kind of information customers provide through these areas. Other people who have access to this information can use them too.   

Sometimes we ask for some financial information such as if you have registered to sell on our website or you have registered with an email account at a free email service. We may ask additional questions according to the situation and the kind of information we need.
We collect this financial information including your credit card information to verify your name, address and any other kind of information that we may need to verify before selling our items out to you. We also use this information to bill you for our services. 

Establishing a credit card account with our website to pay us for our services allows us to collect additional information about you such as your credit card number, credit card expiration date, and your billing address and permits us to track information from money orders and checks. 

• Our Use of Your Information:

How We Use the Information We Collect:
We collect information to be used in things such as the following.
• The returns and exchanges processes.
• Tracking online orders and confirmation of them.
• Products delivery.
• Products and services advertising and marketing.
• Meeting orders for products, information and services.
• Performing research and analysis.
• Establishment and management of your accounts with us.
• Promotion of communication through special event and surveys.
• Tailoring our advertisements and offers to meet your interests and needs by identifying you on our website.
• Making the interaction between us and others via our customers easy such as making our customers able to share or email a link to a friend.
• The constant evaluation and improvement of our business.

We maintain a file about you containing all the information we collect from all your activities on our website. We use this information to find solutions to disputes and troubleshoot problems and to enforce our Conditions of Use Agreement.
Sometimes, we need to examine the information of multiple users in order to identify problems or find solutions to disputes. We also examine your information to be able to identify the users who use multiple User IDs or the ones who use aliases.  

Please note that when you use our website, you give us your agreement to use your personal identifiable information to improve our marketing and advertising strategies, promotional offers, product offerings, the content on our website, our analysis of our website’s data and to customize our website’s content, layout, services, offers and advertisements to be tailored for you to meet your needs.

You also give us your agreement to use your personal information while contacting and delivering information to you that will be targeted to your needs and interests such as targeted advertisements, offers, administrative notices and even communications will be relevant somehow to your usage of our website. Once you accept our Conditions of Use Agreement, Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, you give us your agreement to receive this information.
If you don’t want to receive these communication, you will find on the notification page all the communications; just opt out the receipt of the communications that you do not want to receive. You can edit these changes or make new changes to the notifications you receive from us at any time.

Third-Party Service Providers:
We hire other companies and individuals to handle some of our functions such as providing customer service, marketing assistance, search results, paid listings and links, processing payments through credit cards, fulfilling orders and delivering them, analyzing our data, and sending e-mails. We share your personal information with them to enable them to perform their functions well. 

Data Retention:
We keep your information as long as you have an active account on our website. We use this data we keep to provide our services to you, find solutions to any kind of disputes, and make sure that we enforce our agreement and our legal obligations.

• Our Disclosure of Your Information:

How We Share the Information We Collect:
Under any kind of circumstances, we do not rent, trade or sell the personal information we collect to third parties. 

We share our customers’ information with third parties such as vendors and drop shippers who perform tasks and functions instead of us such as:
• Delivery of packages.
• Fulfillment of orders.
• Performing research and analysis of our data.
• Sending our marketing communications.
• Performing credit card payments.
• Providing the functions of chat.

We also share our customers’ personal information in the following conditions too.
• When personal information are required to comply with the law.
• If we are required to share information responding to a court order or a regulation.
• When there is a governmental request.
• When we see that disclosure is a necessity in order to protect our company and our customers.
• If there is a running investigation of unlawful activities.

We can’t guarantee that your personal information and private communications will not be disclosed in other ways not mentioned in our privacy policy because of the existing regulatory environment.

Sometimes we are obligated to share information with the government or other third parties. Also, third parties may reach our information unlawfully.
Some of our customers’ information may be misused by third parties that can easily collect this information from our website. We do our best and protect your information using industry standard practices but we can’t promise you that your private information will remain private forever. 

In cases such as a company sale, merger, dissolution or any similar event, we may share our customers’ personal information too.

How We Protect the Information We Collect:
We do our best to protect the privacy of our customers using reasonable security measures. We try to limit the access to your personal information under our control to keep it confidential. Still, we can’t guarantee that the information you give to us will be secured forever so you take the full responsibility of giving us your personal information.

Your online transactions with Shop Auto Accessories are secured through many information security measures. We use encryption technology such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to keep your personal information secured during the transport of data. SSL guarantees full protection of the information you submit via the website such as the information of your order (your name, address, credit card number). 

Choices you have Regarding the Information We Collect:
You have the right to choose the following. 
• You can choose to stop the reception of marketing or promotional e-mails, direct mail, and any kind of phone and mobile marketing communications.
• Edit, update, correct and delete your personal information.
• You can cancel your account.
• You have the right to request that we no longer use your personal information.
• You have the right to ask for deletion of your personal information from our blog and community forums.

• Legal Requests:
Our cooperation with law enforcement inquiries and other third parties aim to apply laws such as fraud and intellectual property rights.
You give us the permission and the authorization to disclose your personal information to law enforcement or any governmental officials if there is an investigation of an illegal activity such as fraud, piracy, or intellectual property infringements or an activity that may expose us or our customers to legal liability.
According to this, we can disclose your User ID, name, street address, city, state, zip code, country, phone number, email, and company name if we see that it is necessary to do so.

• Use of Email Tools:
We provide you with “Email this to a Friend “service and other email forwarding services. You are not allowed to use these services to send spam or any other content that violates our Conditions of Use Agreement. Our website do not store email messages or addresses permanently.
If you used our “Email this to a Friend” service to send an email to an email address not registered in our community, we just send your email without using that email address for any further purposes.
After sending your email, we discard these email addresses. These email addresses are not sold, rent or used by us.

• Control of Your Password:
Any action done by your Shop Auto Accessories, LLC User ID and password, including the payment of any charges, falls under your responsibility so be sure not to share such information with any third parties. If you shared this information with any third parties in order to provide you with additional services, you need to review the privacy policies of these third parties. When you lose control of your password, you will subsequently lose control over your personal information and any action that may be taken will fall under your full responsibility (including legal responsibility).   

• Reviewing and Changing Your Personally Identifiable Information:
While you are registering, you can edit, change and review the submitted information such as: 

• Your User ID and email address. In case you changed your User ID, we continue tracking the old ID(s) in addition to the new User ID. 
• The information you submit during your registration such as name, company, address, city, state, zip code, country, primary phone number, secondary phone number, fax number and gender.
• Your password, if required.
• Your financial information including your credit card number and expiration date.

If any of your information changed, you need to update the submitted information on our website.

Your posts on any social media or any other message or feedback areas are unchangeable. We may deactivate your account, personal and financial information from our active processes if you requested by filling out our support form on our customer service webpage. As soon as possible, your information will be deactivated according to our deactivation policy and applicable law.

Under some circumstances such as resolving disputes, troubleshoot problems, and enforcement of our Conditions of Use Agreement, we retain some information that you may have requested to delete.
This information is never deleted completely from our systems because of some technical and legal restrictions such as stored systems “backup” so there will always be some of your personally identifiable information in our databases despite your request.    

• Interest-Based Advertising:
We hire third part advertisement companies to display the advertisements you see on our website when you visit it or other websites. These third parties have the right to collect information about these visits and we may share some personal information with them. The aim is to provide you with ads related to the services and the products you may be interested in.

• Protecting Children's Privacy:
Our privacy policy prevents us from collecting personal information of children under the age of 13.

• Links to Other Websites:
Our website refers to other websites which have their privacy policies. Make sure to read the privacy policy of the websites you are about to visit.

• Privacy Policy Updates:
With our constant growth and evolution, we make changes to our privacy policy. If the changes are significant, we notify our customers by posting a prominent message on our website(s).

• U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework:
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce laws regarding collecting, using and retention of the data of the customers from the European Union, our company corresponds with the U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor Framework. You can find information about the E.U. Safe Harbor Framework at: http://export.gov/safeharbor.

TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal award has been given to Shop Auto Accessories. This award says that TRUSTe has reviewed our privacy policy and practices and they comply with TRUSTe’s program requirements. Transparency, accountability and the safe ways of collecting and using our customers’ information are among the requirements of TRUSTe’s program. TRUSTe’s privacy program is only applied to the information we collect through this website.    

We use TRUSTe to resolve any kind of disputes related to compliance with the Safe Harbor Framework. Any complaints you have regarding the compliance with the Safe Harbor Framework should be processed through us first. Contact us and if we did not find a solution to your complaint, you can contact TRUSTe that will work with us to find solutions to your concerns.   

• Security:
Shop Auto Accessories, LLC considers its customers personal identifiable information very confidential; that is why we safeguard this information with industry standard practices including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (SSL).  We consider our data as assets that we do our best to protect them against any potential risks of loss or unauthorized accesses. We use different security techniques in order to protect your data from any kind of access without authorization whether this access is by a user inside or outside our company. However, our customers should know that there is no perfect security online.   

• Notice:
According to the comments of our customers and our needs to disclose our practices regarding our ways of data collection, we may change our Privacy Policy.
All changes we make to this Privacy Policy will be effective once posted on this page.

• Products:
Shop Auto Accessories carries the following: BMW Parts, Mercedes Parts, Volvo Parts, Audi Parts, GM Parts, Ford Parts, Honda Parts, Jaguar Parts, Lexus Parts, Nissan Parts, Porsche Parts, Saab Parts, Volkswagen Parts, performance parts, and accessories. We carry all the previous parts for all domestic, foreign, and import vehicles.

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Google may share the collected information with third parties if it is obligated to do so by law enforcement or when Google hire third parties to process the information instead of it.
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